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Barry Gibb The Brothers Gibb

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Recognized for his otherworldly falsetto vocals, Barry Gibb is a pop icon best known as one-third of the trio of brothers who made up the chart-topping group the Bee Gees. Influenced by the Beatles, Gibb and his brothers initially rose to fame in the '60s crafting their own brand of lyrical, harmony-driven psychedelic pop. However, it was their breakthrough 1977 soundtrack to the disco-themed Saturday Night Fever that brought them superstar status. A cultural phenomenon (and one of the best-selling albums of all time), the record proved transformative for the Bee Gees. Gibb built upon this success, launching a solo career with 1984's Now Voyager. He also found success writing, producing, and recording for others. He paired with Barbra Streisand to score a Top Five Adult Contemporary chart hit, "Guilty," and co-wrote and produced the 1983 classic "Islands in the Stream" for Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Having contributed to at least 16 Billboard Hot 100 number one singles, Gibb is considered one of the most successful songwriters in pop history.

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