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Sting | Curiosity

8m 37sec 

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, popularly known as Sting, is an English musician, singer, songwriter, actor and philanthropist. Best known for his singing and song writing career with famous new rock wave band ‘The Police’, Sting received his unique nickname from a striped sweater he wore during his early days, which made him look like a bee. Regarded as one of the smartest and talented musicians in the world, sting pursued his interest in music by performing jazz during his spare time in college. His first break came when he got a chance to join a band called ‘Last Exit’ in 1974. However, this gig didn’t last long and in 1977, after meeting Stewart Copeland, Sting decided to form another band known as ‘The Police’ with him and Henri Padovani who was later replaced by Andy Summers. After giving multiple hit singles for almost a decade, the band disintegrated in 1983 and Sting started his career as a solo artist. Riding on the wave of popularity he enjoyed during his time with ‘The Police’, Sting’s career as a solo artist proved to be a success after he delivered a diverse range of music with songs like “Englishman in New York”, “Fields of Gold” etc. Still active in the world of music, Sting released his last album ‘The Last Ship’ in 2013 which was later released as a Broadway musical in 2014. Apart from music, Sting is actively involved with Human rights movement and other social issues.

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